CAS RN:39098-97-0
CAS RN:20893-30-5
CAS RN:1918-77-0
CAS RN:109-82-0
About us
Sophisticated technology, continuous innovation
strict management, quality service

Suzhou Ai Li De Chemical Co., located in Taicang Harbor District of Jiangsu. It enjoys convenient transportation. It is 50km north of Shanghai, 50km east of Suzhou and 18 km west of Yangtze River mouth.


Suzhou Ai Li De Chemical Co., Ltd. is engaged in manufacturing of medical intermediate. It is constructed according to modern standards. And we have two production bases in south Jiangsu and north Jiangsu.
We serve customers with reliable medical intermediate insisting on principle of “excellent technology, continuous innovation, strict management and sincere service”. And we also provide whole-hearted service. There are advanced production equipments, standard safety facilities and professional scientific research team constituted by experienced staffs. Meanwhile we build whole set of quality management system.


Main products are 2-Thiopheneacetyl chloride, Thiophene-2-acetonitrile, 2-Thienylacetic acid, n-methylene-glycinonitrile (methyleneamino)-acetonitrile alpha-hydroformamine cyanide n-methylene glycinonitrile N-Methy leneglycinonitrile. In addition, we are professional in cyanation. We emphasize on derivative manufacturing of cyanide. Our production technique and technology are all at domestic leading level. With rapid increase of market requirement, there will be great market potential.